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Why PDF page is is not the same size of JPG background image ???

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  • Why PDF page is is not the same size of JPG background image ???


    I got did the JPG background image as A4 full page size using all possible high .
    Then when I do print it using Report PDF I found that a portion of footer remanin blank as the JPG was zoomed by itself .
    It's really annoying becouse I want to use all the PDF page high as did on JPG image.

    Is there something to know or to fix in order to reach the same representation on both ?

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    IMAGE of JPG and PDF

    Image of two versions
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      I've searched and I founded something that could be connected but ....
      Someone knows as to use this command within the PDF code ???
      Where I have to put them ?

      SetDisplayMode -----> sc_pdf_set_display_mode

      TCPDF::SetDisplayMode ( $zoom,
      $layout = 'SinglePage',
      $mode = 'UseNone'

      ???? sc_pdf_set_display_mode ($zoom=fullpage) ???

      I put it on layout and header section.... but nothing change

      // set image scale factor . This has not a similar command into SC ....
      is it possible to use it on SC ??


      $pdf->setImageScale(1.53); .. someone said that this fixed the problem

      If I switch "Automatic page break" to off the background image becomes very very big. see image

      Does it have any sense ?? Is there a default PDI / pixel to use when I save the JPG ???
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