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deploying vs connection string

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  • deploying vs connection string

    My Application used locally the connection string to remote dB. After deploying it should use the same string, so I do not understand why this screen is populated ? (see attachment)

    I would like to know under what conditions is this screen generated/opened on the server ?
    Is there any way I can modify this screen ?

    can we use ADO in SC at all ?

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    Re: deploying vs connection string

    The reply previously was that you must configure this section when you deploy. It cannot be done in any automated way (which I'm VERY unhappy about).


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      Re: deploying vs connection string

      you probably misunderstood my question.

      I would like to know if I can modify the options and the screen presented (in the previous post) ?
      Another words, I want the window that pops up on the screen look different (at least to get rid of SC logo). As I suspect the file would be overwritten every time I deploy a new version.

      Another problem I noticed is tha fact that even if the connection string was defined in the App for remote server (which is the same server connection to run this same App locally), after deploying the Project looses the connection data and it asks to enter proper information. I wonder if anybody else have had that experience ???



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        I am using SC 8.1
        after deployment of my application
        it showing Connection Success message
        But Not Showing my Databases in database dropdown

        What to do ?
        Is there any why to connect my database otherwise.