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connection with msaccess database

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  • connection with msaccess database

    I need to solve a problem
    when I try to create A connection with msaccess database, I only see only the "MS ODBC CONNECTION"! How to Never??
    I enclose a page of diagnostics and Php Info Page.
    I need to activate a connection with MS Access ADO, because I have problems with MS ODBC with a database located in a shared directory on a server
    Thanks to those who will be able to help
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    Re: connection with msaccess database

    Your odbc connection is to a shared drive. Assuming you get your odbc connection working under the desktop you may have a simple issue.
    httpd.exe runs under the NT_AUTHORITY/SYSTEM account (on my machine anyway) so it runs under the local system account. The local system account is NOT allowed to access network resources. Hence your odbc will not work. To fix that you need to change the apache service to run under an account that can access network resources.
    Check out (for xp)


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      Re: connection with msaccess database


      Make sure that your server fullfills the requirements:

      - The database Access (File .MDB) should be in the same web server where PHP is installed on;
      - Windows must have installed MDAC28SDK or newer (Windows 2000 already exceed the standard in the installation);
      - Access databases using security (user and password) can only connect using ODBC.

      Connecting Access via ADO
      Connecting Access via ODBC

      The ADO connection is not available for Windows VISTA and Windows 7, in these cases use ODBC.

      Bernhard Bernsmann