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  • problem with deploy

    I used the deploy procedure and I produced the .zip file correctly, I extracted the zip file under my directory c:xampphotdcsexamples but when I tried to launch my applicazion
    http://localhost/examples/index.php I received this error : "common library not found : c:xampphtdocsexamplesprod".
    Into the zip file I have _lib and Index directories only, the prod directory is a subdirectory of _lib, I tried moving the prod directory from _lib to examples but nothing happens.
    I tried also to download the prod zip file from a sc link and extracted under examples directory but I received again the same problem.
    I tried also to edit the mysql connection in prod env but is all ok.(check ok)

    What is the correct procedure of deploy and what I need to check to understand that is all ok ?

    I'm using as development env win xp but after I will move the prod env on the ubuntu, in that case there are other actions to do ?

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    Re: problem with deploy


    Did you deploy in typical mode ? You can view this video:


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      Re: problem with deploy

      Thank you for your support, but it seems a little bit strange the SC behaviour...
      I used the typical mode(zip file) and I observed that:
      1. sometimes if I choose selected applications instead of ALL ,then autonomously SC consider ALL in any case. (the zip contain all the application but I asked for someone)
      2. the applications in the case of "all" and in "typical mode"(zip file) are oldest than the current applications that I'm currently developing, i.e the files deployed have as data of creation the 22/04/2011 instead of 07/06/2011 (dd/mm/yyyy).

      Why, there is a bug ? It's my mistake ?

      suggestions ?


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        Re: problem with deploy

        maybe it's a cache in your browser.

        Try to do this:
        - clean all the cookies, histories... in your browser.
        - clean your tmp folder in Scriptcase ( PS: do not delete the folder, just erase what is inside!").
        - in the last case try to restart the service from your server.


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          Re: problem with deploy

          Here is what I do to deploy and frankly it works like a charm and I hope it helps someone else:
          I have a directory on my development server called export.
          I have a script called
          rm -Rf /var/www/html/export/*
          I run this code prior to every new deployment in scriptcase.
          In scriptcase deployment I do the following:
          Step 1: I always choose 'All'
          Step 2: I always choose 'Typical'
          Step 3: I always leave ticked 'Deploy with the common libraries' & 'Deploy with the common files(CSS, buttons, images, messages)'
          Step 4: I always untick 'Create ZIP with applications' and tick 'Deploy on a server directory'. On the server I fill in '/var/www/html/export'.
          Once scriptcase is finished deploying to my local directory I use the following script to copy it to the server:

          rsync -zav --exclude 'prod.ini' -e ssh --delete /var/www/html/export/
          ssh 'chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html'
          ssh 'chmod -R 775 /var/www/html'
          This script will only work if you are set up to ssh into your server using public key encryption without password.
          It does the following:
          It uses the rsync utility to copy the files that have changed to the server (very fast!!)
          It deletes anything on the server that is not on the development server
          But it ignores prod.ini which is the file where your database connections are stored etc.
          So the first time you deploy you define your database connections and then you don't have to do it anymore
          It then makes sure the ownership of all files is 'apache' (which on my machine is the webserver user)
          It then makes sure the webserver can read and write the files.
          Works like a charm.