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Designing app for multiple companies

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  • Designing app for multiple companies

    I know this has been talked about and I've gotten good answers but I'm still concerned about making 1 giant database that will house different companies information in spot.

    Do most of you that provide an app deploy a single database for each company or one giant app that has like a "site id" in each table? My concern is the amount of data in each table. I know MySQL is awesome but I'm afraid of corruption or so much information being accessible by accident.

    If you are using 1 single large database, how do you secure it so well? I'm also planning on allowing Joomla to interface with my application, and I'm thinking that won't work if its 1 large app, to be able to sync with each company's Joomla users table...

    The final question is, if you use assign a database to each client, how do you configure that in SC??? Just by hand? I find that so time consuming.

    Happy New Year!

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    Re: Designing app for multiple companies

    I would prefer to have different databases for different companies and switch the database connection in SC.

    This is because it's much easier to
    - be sure that company A never will see records from company B
    - performance of database
    - making a backup

    Best regards


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      Re: Designing app for multiple companies

      yes i agree, many table is more good and its more secure on mysql than one big table



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        Re: Designing app for multiple companies

        I agree with Pfeiffer add:

        - Database maintenance.
        - Lock the database.
        - Performance Database.
        - Any additional fields on tables for customers.
        - Easy management database.
        - Management customized to the client.

        greetings Boly64


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          Re: Designing app for multiple companies

          Ok, great... the next question is do you manually set up SC connections for each client?

          I'd like a client to be able to sign up online, the server configure everything for the client, and them be able to use the software in a few minutes. The way SC works right now, a manual connection needs to be established for EACH connection, so I'd manually have to go into each SC production env. and configure it.

          Has anyone figured a way of automating this or just have to tell the clients their site will be available in 24 hours hopefully?



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            Re: Designing app for multiple companies


            in my login form the user has to choose his database in a lookup field.
            There are three fields .... user .. password .. database....

            Then you can change the connection in SC to the choosen database and check the login values..

            Happy new year...



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              Re: Designing app for multiple companies

              Hi, thanks for the reply and Happy New Year!

              I understand all that.. my question is, when you have a new customer sign up, do you manually go in and create their database and then go into the SC Production Configuration and setup their database connection?

              Thanks again!


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                Re: Designing app for multiple companies

                it's not so easy...

                a) First : the company database exists already ..
                in mysql for example database FITH, database ATN database ATN
                All databases have the same tables with the same structure !!!!!
                Every database hat it's own user table mit password

                b) If the user makes his login, he has to choose the correct database, where his account is stored.
                c) you change database by SC-Code and confirm userlogin/password...

                For example :
                a) There are three databases ATM ATN FITH
                b) there are three defined connections in production environment in SC conn_mysql_atm conn_mysql_atn conn_mysql_fith
                c) If user chooses database FITH you change SC database connection to conn_mysql_fith and then you
                confirms the password... In all applications I change in event Init this connection to the global SC database connection,
                so every user will only see the records of HIS company.

                If you want detailed information how to do that.... contact me privately under
                It will be too much information for this forum.

                Best regards


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                  Hi ,

                  I am curious to find out whether you have the solution to create or edit the SC database connection programmatically?

                  Best Regards
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                    Hi Friends,

                    I send these suggestion to Sc Team




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                      Hi Aquiles,

                      I am delighted that finally someone like you can share my view and understand the importance of this feature.

                      I had show my support on this request via


                      Let us pray hard for this feature to be incorporate in the next version as soon as possible.


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                        nice post for a newbie!