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SC applications with Galaxy Tab 10.1

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  • SC applications with Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Hi everyone,

    I just tried the android SC application on Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Android 3.1) and i have couple of issues:

    1) With the default browser, in modal window, i cannot tap into text box and get the keyboard to open. The fields don't respond at all.

    2) With mozilla firefox, same as issue 1)

    3) With the opera mini browser, when i select something from the menu( in subitems), it seems like it reloads the menu and i am stuck in the front/default page.

    4) With Opera Mobile v 11.5.3, i couldn't pass the login page as when i type the credentials, each character is typed 2 times hence unable to login, i tried in other sites, it is fine in other websites, it's just with SC applications.

    Has someone tried SC applications with the Android?

    Is there any workaround for these problems?


    To Administrator:

    I have seen that PHPrunner is providing 'Mobile template' which allows to build mobile version of the web application. Is Netmake even considering the mobile version/templates for the SC generated applications?



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    Re: SC applications with Galaxy Tab 10.1


    We plan on developing mobile templates for generated applications.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      Re: SC applications with Galaxy Tab 10.1


      Its a good news.

      I created a template with bigger fonts, input fields and bigger button myself. It's easier to provide the data now but however i have this one form which is acting weird. when i tap the first 3-4 fields, it goes to the input fields well but after that the tap won't work or i have to tap somewhere else(ex. a bit below the input field) to select the field..(In firefox)

      With Opera mini, the form works well, but calendar and menu is not working well in that.

      I have tested with other forms and it works well there. I cannot figure out what is wrong.
      I first suspected that device was not calibrated, but all other form work well except this one...

      Thanks anyway for the reply..



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        Re: SC applications with Galaxy Tab 10.1

        We need mobile support now otherwise our apps will be left in the dust.



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          Re: SC applications with Galaxy Tab 10.1

          BTW I have Galaxy Tab 10.1 also, and am willing to check any test site you have.