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menu icons...anyway to add more?

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  • menu icons...anyway to add more?

    I love the menu icons and size choices. Is there a way to add more from icon packs I own?
    I don't see an upload icon interface...I searched for what looks like file names on my drive - they must be stored in a SC database?

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    Re: menu icons...anyway to add more?

    I too would like to know how to add my own icons.
    I've imported V5 projects and the icons have come over, but I fear experimenting with the new icons just in case I can't get my original icons back.

    This is especially necessary for me because I have a number of industry-related icons that I need to use.


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      Re: menu icons...anyway to add more?

      I did a workaround for myself.

      The icons are placed in the _lib/img folder. So I assume that they get created or copied at compile time.

      I have created a _mylib folder in the same directory as the _lib folder. I created an img subfolder as well, so it looks like _mylib/img.
      In there I placed all my icons. To refer to them, I just enter under the icon field: ../../_mylib/img/myicon_24.png
      This gets it pointed to the right place.

      The only thing that you need to make sure of is to transfer the contents of the _mylib folder manually. I do that by simply zipping it up and ftping it along with the zipped deployment created by SC6.