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  • SC6 Samples

    Does anyone have trouble loading and running the SC6 example apps? On our installation when we try to load we get path errors.
    Any tips?
    Thanks for any help you can give

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    Re: SC6 Samples

    Yes, the same problem also occured to me.

    I suggest you not to run or try those example applications. They are out of date and never being fixed by ScriptCase developer in order to suits with the latest version. Besides that, most of the interfaces are ugly and I am not interested with them.

    I would better create my own applications instead of hoping the miracle comes true in a short time. In addition I can learn by myself, this trick also will give me the ability to explore the newest features of ScriptCase quickly. Just my two cents.

    Masino Sinaga


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      Re: SC6 Samples

      Dear Masino
      Thanks very much for letting us know this -- it will save a few hours of our time. We're also spending some time just learning and finding that in our view the technology is very good so far
      Good luck with your projects