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Fundamentals - Stupid Mistakes to be avoided.

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  • Fundamentals - Stupid Mistakes to be avoided.

    We've all done it no matter what our level of experience. Share some of yours here, so the rest of us can benefit. I'm not talking about SC bugs here but simple "operator error".

    Here is my latest:

    1. Only use underscores when naming MySql columns in tables. Took me hours to track down a problem because I named a column pre-qualified. Data went in ok, but would not return a row. Worse yet, no error just failed to find the row. Changed the column to pre_qualified and worked like a charm.

    2. If you create an app and abandon it by creating a new one, delete the old app! I created an app that set a global variable to be use by a second app. Decided I didn't like it and created a new one and linked the app to the new one. Eventually removed the global from my primary app and the new one I just created, but every time I tried to run the app is said missing global. Bottom line the old app and the new one I created were both linked to the primary. Killed the old app and all good.

    Probably lost over 10 hrs tracking down these two problems.
    Latest version of Scriptcase updated regularly. Hosted on my own Cpanel server running php 5.4x and Centos. Use latest version of Firefox for development browser.