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I would like to see all association members addresses on a Google map or a Map

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  • I would like to see all association members addresses on a Google map or a Map

    Dear all,

    I've got a table containing the addresses of about 2000 members and I would like to see this population over a map to understanding concentration or not on territory.
    Have you got some hint on where to start and which are the steps in order to reach my goal ??

    Many thanks

    Attachment: somethink like that where pointing the little label you can see Last and first name and address
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    Check out:


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      Thanks for the link.
      For a non pro developer is there something more eatable.... I mean something that use Scriptcase functions or an easy sample did with it ?


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        I havent seen any. This is rather more a google question then a scriptcase question.
        I did find this
        and this
        This should at least get you properly started.
        More can be find by googling: php google maps pins


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          Thanks so much again. It will be very hard for my skill level but.... I will try the same to do samething in next future.
          Bye Bye


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            Not to discourage you, but you need to generate a javascript to be executed on the client side. Reason is that you are limited in the number of access attempts to GoogleMaps. So if you do it all on the server you will be hit by limitations. Best approach is to store the lang/att coordinates once based upon the addresses in the database. Then generate the javascript as documented on google. I did it often, but it's not something for novice people imho.
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              OK !
              There is also an interesting tool
              I did it manually for free and it's quite easy. If you need a dinamic updating you have to pay an high fee.
              Have a look and tell me your considerations.