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JRE on windows server

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  • JRE on windows server

    Hello everyone,

    I'm using a hosted windows 2003 webserver and installed XAMPP (with apache, php, mysql, etc.) from as my preferred system.
    The complete XAMPP is located on drive D:, and the root-directory for the webaccess is located in D:XAMPPHTDOCS.

    Then I installed ScriptCase in D:XAMPPHTDOCSSCRIPTCASE and successfully tried some of the examples, but when I try to use the PDF-function, ScriptCase complaints about a missing JRE, so I installed the recommended package on the server (into default Drive C.

    Now it seems that the complete XAMPP package with all of the components does not recognize that JRE is installed, although I can see it using commandline to check the version.

    So I think that I have to "tell" PHP where to find the JRE, correct?
    Can anybody help me, where to put which missing lines?

    Thank you so much in advance!
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    Re: JRE on windows server


    did you place the jre path in the Windows Environment Variables?