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  • installation mess

    I don't understand why this installation process is so poorly described.
    The manual says about SC installation and SEND server installation, but it doesn't say anything about the database. Does the MySQL sever (which is my case) have to be installed separately ? If so - why would I bother with sometinhg like that if I can install XAMPP or WAMP and have everythin in one shoot, with nice compact interface. With ZEND I cannot evel locate Myphpadmin. I assumed I I bought SC for MySQL everything should be included in a package which is needed to run the App.


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    Re: installation mess

    Hello Arthur,

    What do you think we should improve on our installation tutorial?

    The manual does not say anything about databases, because it is possible to work on many RDBMS. For instance, on a single project it is possible to work with MySQL, SQL Server and Postgres.

    Zend does not include MySQL and phpMyAdmin as XAMPP, but you can install them separately.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      Re: installation mess

      Arthur, I have to say, I don't believe ScriptCase is at fault here.

      They cover a variety of configurations, and I believe that it is pretty clear on their site. I'm not a Linux guru by any means, but I was able to get everything up and running quite easily. I also (still actually) tested SC in depth. I will be purchasing a license in the next day or 2, but I am making sure it fits ALL my needs and works properly.

      If you are going to purchase a product, check what is included, and be sure..


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        Re: installation mess

        What I would see as big improvement is creating a separate sets of installation for appropriate SC licenses. For example if I buy a SC+MySQL I get MySQL installed and configured along with SC. I used to use XAMPP for several years. Why? Because installation is fast and easy, doesn't require installing anything extra to have bull production server (I have Apache, MySQL. FTP, etc). For that reason I have to spend extra time installing and configuring MySQL. If I decide to use SC+MSSQL it should be done the same way (it is easy to run in either on Apache or IIS).
        When I installed XAMPP (there are also other kits like WAMP which seem to be good as well) I get immediately PHPMyAdmin configured and working. This isn't the case with SC and stand alone MysQL server.
        I just tried to install PHPMyAdmin and can't get it to work...
        Obviously all this could be done manually, but why would I bother learning how to install PHPMyAdmin if I want to spend my time learning how SC works. Finallt the whole idea of suing SC is not that things cannot be done manual (one can write PHP code), but do this as efficient as possible, because user/customer doesn't really care if the App was written manual or generated by SC (or other 4GL tool).
        Even if NetMake should keep installing databases separate from SC there should be at least some information on how to correlate the database with SC. As an example here is lack of any information on how the enclosed examples work. They mention somewhere that SC uses SQLite, but nothing about the fact that the examples use SQLite for demos, nothing about where to find SQLite tables (so I can study them, or alter them etc.).
        I cannot say to much about setting up SC with other than MySQL database, because at the moment I only have MySQL license (might upgrade in the future), but for sure I can say that NetMake should select one of the complete packages and enclose it with SC installation set (for example SC+XAMPP, SC+WAMP etc... and make sure that PHPMyAdmin is installed and working).



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          Re: installation mess

          for the benefit of others that read this thread, I'd have to say I had NO problems configuring anything with Scriptcase and linux environments. I'm not a linux guru by any means, but I did find TONS of online help and examples on how to do this online.

          Scriptcase is a rapid application development tool, it isn't designed to create full environments.

          just my 2 cents.