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Unable to get PHP to recognize Firebird (Interbase) on fresh SC6 Install

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  • Unable to get PHP to recognize Firebird (Interbase) on fresh SC6 Install

    Did I purchase the wrong SC6? I specifically ordered the one that included FB. On a clean install of Windows 2008 Web Server, (no Apache, No Scriptcase, No PHP) I installed SC6, and found it is not defaulted to recognize FB. So I checked the PHP.INI file and had to *add* the line

    extension=php_interbase.dll (I added it just under the line: extension=php_sqlsrv.dll)

    I then made sure that there was a copy of php_interbase.dll in the folder:


    I've restarted the ApacheScriptcase6 server, then rebooted the whole server several times and...

    When I run localhost:86/scriptcase/info.php

    There is no "Apache" section, and there is no Interbase section.

    When I run the scriptcasediagnosis, under Databases, Other databases are marked with a check mark, but Interbase is still marked with an X, meaning it is not recognized.

    Somehow, Zend or Apache refuses to recognize my php_interbase.dll

    How can I fix this?

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    Re: Unable to get PHP to recognize Firebird (Interbase) on fresh SC6 Install

    I've been trying different php_interbase.dll files. None work. (ie: None of them will load). I'm installing on a 64bit, MS Windows Server 2008.
    I've installed SCv6. I don't know if the PHP that comes with that install includes a php_interbase.dll file or not. Also, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to obtain the 32 bit php_interbase.dll, or the 64bit one, because, even though it's a 64bit system, it looks like SCv6 is a 32bit program. Also, should I be using the VC6 or VC9 version of the php_interbase.dll ?

    Is it possible to just download the correct php_interbase.dll from the ScriptCase website somewhere?


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      Re: Unable to get PHP to recognize Firebird (Interbase) on fresh SC6 Install

      Ok, I re-installed SCv6. The line in php.ini: extension=php_interbase.dll is not part of the installation. Also, php_interbase.dll is not included in the installation. I have tried all versions of php_interbase.dll and none will load. I purchased the Prof. version of SCv6 which is supposed to include support for Firebird. Did you guys forget to include the php_interbase.dll file? (and support for it)? Is there something in the Zend engine that is excluding support for FB? This should be real simple, but I'm finding it impossible to even get started with SCv6 because it refuses to connect to FB.

      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.