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Apache / Zend IMAP Support?

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  • Apache / Zend IMAP Support?


    On our dev environment we have installed the ScriptCase V6 Installer for Linux with Zend Server CE 5.1.0 x86 (32 bits) package. With this it seems that the IMAP extension in Apache isn't configured properly. I wish I could share an error, but I can't. Our IMAP scripts work on other environments, so we know that it isn't a problem with the script. Any thoughts on the ScriptCase V6 Linux configuration?


    More Information:

    When I look at phpinfo() the imap module definitely isn't loaded - even though zend ce says it's a default module loaded. So Netmake has turned this off. phpifo() also says that the "Scan this dir for additional .ini files" is (none). Then trying to add this as a parameter to php.ini - it fails. What have they done to php? How do I solve this?

    Going on three days - sorry for the frustration!

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    Re: Apache / Zend IMAP Support?


    Personally I never used the IMAP extension( or I dont remenber now). The only fast solution I see right now, is install only the .zip of the scriptcase in an environment with php already installed, but it must be the PHP 5.3. Maybe this will work. I`ll hope I make myself clear. If you have any more doubts please say. Me or someone will help you.