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Install Problem - Home page shows garbage

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  • Install Problem - Home page shows garbage

    I am evaluating sc6 now;
    I followed the procedure to install it on my VPS but the logon page shows garbag

    Diagnosis page shows no error link here ->
    Log file link
    home page garbage link

    I opened a ticket with support but no response with a solution


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    Re: Install Problem - Home page shows garbage

    I'm not much of a help I guess, but I had the same error when I was checking out SC about a year ago or so. By then I didn't have the time to figure out what causes it.
    I was trying to get it running on Mandriva and PCLinuxOs. It has to do with the way those distributions configure apache and php. It looks like even though ZendGuardLoader (ZendOptimizer back then) is enabled the page is not decoded.
    As I said before, I did not have much time so I chose a different distribution.

    SC runs on everything but Mandriva and it's derivates (at least it seems to).

    Anyway, if you could find out what it is, sharing your knowledge would be much appreciated.