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  • problem web application

    Good afternoon.

    I have a problem with the installation on a hosting fee.

    Today scriptcase install a newly purchased hosting but when I try to upload files and / or generate PDF I get an error "Contact your administrator."

    I run the diagnostico.php and this is what shows me

    Environment 2
    php.ini PATH:
    zend_optimizer.license_path: SEM ARQUIVO
    ScriptCase write permission
    Session write permission
    Internet Access - Socks - OK
    ZendId execute Permission
    ZendId MD5:
    HTMLDOC execute Permission - off

    ./htmldoc26 -f "/var/www/vhosts/" -t pdf14 --book --tocomitted --no-title --quiet --header ... --footer ..1 --no-outline --portrait --browserwidth 1200 --size letter --bodycolor "#EEEEEE" --getcurrentpath --nmlog "/var/www/vhosts/" "/var/www/vhosts/"

    I have no access to php.ini but I think it is possible to create a directory on your hosting.

    The problem is how scriptcase would do to tell where is the php.ini file

    On the other hand the problem of writing that can be?.

    Thank you very much for the collaboration

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    Re: problem web application

    php.ini is no required to change. Its only to display to you the path.

    You need is zendid exec permission so you can register your serial.