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Displaying the Login in the Menus Header

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  • Displaying the Login in the Menus Header

    Using the Security Module(See links below)VideoDocumentation*We will display the users login in the menus header.***Using the macro sc_redir, in a control application, we will rescue, in the onValidade envent, the logins value and pass as parameter(var_login)for a menu application.**After running the application:******


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    Is there any way to bring in another field in the header? I need this functionality but I would like it to bring in the persons real name and not just their login name. I tried changing the var_login to a different field but only the password field and username field show up in that variable. Nothing else from the same table will show up other than those two.


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      In the login page you can select the data you need in the onvalidateok event and move that to a global variable. In the application which is called you can apply this global variable to the header using value option and [myglobal].

      Perhaps I misunderstand, but afaik the real name of the user is not default in the userstable. Therefore you need to adjust this table and then apply your own select to retrieve this data.
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        If you look at the login onvalidate event it is selecting the name from the table.
        it is setting it to a global variable called [usr_name]

        I then edited the menu from tree to menu and added the following to the Exit entry Exit - [usr_name]
        converted the menu back to tree and it works.

        BTW I had to convert from tree menu back to normal cause it would not work by editing the treeview.

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