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    Is there a directory of SC developers anywhere? I had a prospective client ask me what she would do if something happened to me and she needed modifications done to her SC system. I suppose I could look up some of you here on the forum and contact you individually for your email and address, phone, etc., but if there was a directory I could point her to, that would be better.

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    There aren't any directory as is. There is a resellers directory, but not all offers outsourcing projects, and just limits to resell licenses.
    To sum to this, obviously, you will refer something with some kind of reputation about SC/development/databases knowledge.

    Best way is what you did IMHO.
    - Ask here, to see who answer.
    - Contact with them/him
    - Choose one (if more than one), and do a meeting with your customer to introduce it.


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      There is no directory and besides some resellers who do more than just selling licences (you'll notice the most active users on this forum) I advised SC to start a 'technical partner' program to qualify certain developers. But for now the tips of Giu are valid. There is a forum for this.
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