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Still struggling with path on local and server environment.....

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  • Still struggling with path on local and server environment.....

    I got a redir Code Within a grid Button and in local test it works but when it's on server not


    ??? how have I to modify the button code path ??? in order to make it working both on local and on server ??

    Directory on local PC where the document is stored
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v8_new\wwwroot\scriptcase\file\do c\eos_sales_doc\COND_GEN_FORNITURA_LUGLIO15.pdf

    This is what it try to open once deployed on Server based on button sc_redir

    This is the real correct FTP directory on Server
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    The path depends on your deployment directory. I suggest you use advanced deployment and set the directories. This probably resolves your problems.
    It is a standard way in scriptcase so it shouldnt be all that difficult.
    Make an advanced deployment setting. Export one application and see if it works. If needed check the slashes (specially the beginning and ending ones).
    Then generate a simple app and check the generated source code. The deployment paths are in top of one of the main scriptcase generated files.
    After you figured it out it should be easy to get everything working.. Just deploy everything with that advanced deployment setting...


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      Thanks RR .. !!!
      I will try to go in deept About your hints !!


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        Also, your redir path is wrong.
        It should be: