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  • How can B.E.

    I need to display year in all app as B.E. (Buddhist Era), but as A.D. when insert or update to database, How can I do.

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    Open ticket, already.


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      I looked into the BE and afaik it should be possible to translate between both dates. The trick would be to add additional fields for the translation of the B.E. to A.D. or back. You can use the onvalidate event for that. The other way around can be achieved in the onload event before the screen is been displayed. I think you know how to convert, I looked at

      So in short: make the fields from the database hidden. Create for each date field a new field. In the onload calculate the B.E. from the database field and put it into the formfield. In the onvalidate you convert the form B.E. dates into the A.D. dates and store it into the databasefield.
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