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BUG: file uploading in SC6

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    I am using SC7 and same thing still happening. When i check the top few lines of the deployed php file, they are still set to empty values. Please see below. Code generated with SC 7.00.0018

    @session_start() ;
    $_SESSION['scriptcase']['form_test_application']['glo_nm_perfil'] = "connection123";
    $_SESSION['scriptcase']['form_test_application']['glo_nm_path_prod'] = "";
    $_SESSION['scriptcase']['form_test_application']['glo_nm_path_imagens'] = "";
    $_SESSION['scriptcase']['form_test_application']['glo_nm_path_imag_temp'] = "";
    $_SESSION['scriptcase']['form_test_application']['glo_nm_path_doc'] = "";

    I am really having problems with uploading images and not sure it is failing due to the error you mentioned. When try to save a record with images, i get "Upload failed". Strange thing is this not happening all the time. Please see below for some for information regarding the error i am getting at the below thread.

    At the time i posted my topic, i didn't see your thread. today i came across your one, and thinking i might be having the same problem as you.
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      I still have a problem with SC 8. document save to database but still view on grid and showing broken link. any update for this bug ?


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        Be aware that you have the paths right. In deployment you have to use advanced deployment and fill in the proper paths and subpaths!! If you dont then your files are placed in a tmp dir,
        which gets cleaned and so on. I advise using a seperate dir for that and add the dir and subpaths in the advanced deployment.