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What kind of page is this?

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  • What kind of page is this?

    Hello everyone, i wanna know what kind of page is This, this is what i am looking for since a year, my game's groupmate made it for some other group now i wanna make such aswell... Where can i get such page or what should we call it?

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    Afaik this page is made using bootstrap. It's pretty easy to make a form like that but it will look the SC way as SC is using other form libary. If you need the fancy stuff you need to look into the bootstrap documentation. Then you can embed that in a blank application, but I actually wonder why you should use SC then.
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      Well if your looking to collect data or make a subscription page I would recommend:
      You can of course make similar form to the one you provided in the link with SC but why waste time when other options are available.
      I am using PHP List to manage a subscription system for a magazine.

      Hope this helps.