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Match data from a temperature logger and a GPS Tracker (piece of cake...)

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  • Match data from a temperature logger and a GPS Tracker (piece of cake...)

    Hi all,

    I got this "nice ...and simple.." problem to submit to your attention.

    I got a temperature logger that records time hours:seconds and degrees during a travel from a place to another (laboratory test tubes).
    In the same trip I got also a GPS tracker that records the time hours:seconds, latitude, longitude, height and speed.

    My goal would be (nice to have..) , once I own the data, match them and try to represent the trip on a map with temperature infos.
    If the temperature is between an accepted range --> ok but if it is out of range it would be interesting to double click on the path and understand where the problem was borne. For istance a long rest or the closing to a warming heater o in summer in the sun.... and so on.

    Is that crazy ?? Need I to forget it ... before to start ??

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    If you have longitudes and lattitudes then you can use google maps to show the data visually. It will not be easy with the default facilities of Scriptcase but doable in a blank application. Using googlemaps you can set pins in different colours representing your temperatures etc. Look at the loads of samples in the googlemaps api 3.0. I used it a lot to register people with different attention points and notify them on a map so they could find similar people.
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      Hi, thanks for reply,

      before to start thinking to output I need to make a query which match two tables/files coming from 2 separated devices.
      The match between two table is on the column of date / time but they are not recorded with identical values and pace.
      Date is the same but time are taken in diffent pace and in different number from one device against other one.
      For istance
      Temperature record -------------- GPS records
      2014-04-31 10:40:52 18 and 2014-04-31 10:40:19 LAT LON ..2014-04-31 10:40:35 LAT LON .. 2014-04-31 10:43:21 LAT LON ..

      I really never did a query who has variable ranges depending on the records values of one table. I used Where and Between but related to fixed boundaries.
      I have later to associate a temperature to several GPS points but not with a rule but based on the range defined before. So I would have 4 GPS with 18 and 2 GPS with 20 and so on.
      GPS11--> 18 GPS12--> 18 GPS13--> 18 GPS14--> 18 GPS15--> 20 GPS16--> 20
      I hope to have been more clear