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  • Question to forum admin

    May I ask why my inbox reports as FULL ? I only have 6 plain text messages in it !
    I reported this problem about a year ago and you - ADMIN - did completely ignore it !

    Arthur Klisiewicz

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    As a forum admin (not sc) of other sites I can assure you that I always disable the private messages thing as it is broadly misused. Use it to exchange email address then delete the message. My advise to SC, do not extend, but delete it.
    Albert Drent
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      Albert - this time I disagree with you. If this feature has been disabled from the beginning it would be probably OK, but now I have people replied to me and I cannot respond. I run a forum as well and I do not see a problem with PM. If there is a spam posted the user gets simply deleted. Allowing 5 plain messages in my inbox is insane! If you do not like your inbox you do not have to use it. You also do not spent time on maintaining this forum so I really do not understand your point. If the forum was created and is active then NetMake forum admin must take some management time into consideration.



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        Limit is 50, received and sent messages sumed.

        I understand your point, Is not very consuming to upgrade,this limit, but I agree with Albert too. Normal,behaviour to have a conversation is to share the email and just use the PM for initial contact.
        Maybe this limit is updated some day, or not. For me,is not a problem, I pass the conversations to email as mentioned.

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