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    My SC works super slow. I tried to disable unneeded Windows services, closed all apps, made sure there is no download on the background etc. Still takes 30-60 sec to open a form App. The generator and compilation process is running pretty well though.
    Project database I'm working on is on a remote server but I believe when working os specific apps I do not access it (except for the connection settings) so it should not be an issue (unless I'm wrong).
    Also when I open an App properties screen going from one property to another (the left panel) makes the updates on the right terribly slow. This is really pain to work. I wonder if anybody else have had this problem or perhaps has some hints how to improve the performance ?


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    yap...i have the same problem too!!
    i thought my machine was too slow..but other resource intensive applications work just fine!!


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      OK, did switched to the local MySQL and ,...woooow, what a big change. It works OK, not, although I do not understand why it is so slow when working with remote database. When I open an App (to edit) I do not need any data from the database (until I run the App). It seem to me that what is causing the problem is that when the App is open for edition - every time it checks for connection to the database server. If this is true then obviously it will take a second ro few sec (depending on the i-net speed) to verify if the connection is still available. There is however another question - why is it so slow when changing the items on the left panel (means fields, and other App properties?). there must be something involved that is related to the fact if the database is local or remote, because it changes performance by 200-300%.