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[SOLVED] Need help quickly - any way on a form onLoad to tell if I am in INSERT mode?

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  • [SOLVED] Need help quickly - any way on a form onLoad to tell if I am in INSERT mode?

    Hi. I am showing a prototype to a client tomorrow am - I need some quick help if possible.

    I have a form used for both INSERT and EDIT. I was using the onLoad event to load many of the fields with some default data, however, I just realized that the onLoad fires for both INSERT and EDIT modes for the form.

    I guess I could make 2 forms, one for add and one for edit, but was wondering if I can detect the mode the form is in from the onLoad event and just make my default values conditional.

    Note - User must be able to edit the default values, hence I am putting them in onLoad and not BeforeInsert....


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    Yes, for example if your primary key is id_employee, just check if that variable is set.
    PHP Code:
    //insert mode is on

    Best Regards
    Hiram BQ


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      Hi Hirambq!!!!!!

      You saved me a lot of work, and I really appreciate it.

      I tried the !isset but it did not work, but I was able to just make my ID field a hidden field on the form, then us this variation of what you sent me:

      if ({ID} == "")
      //insert mode is on

      // load 'defaults' using the team (org) settings form current team
      {LongName} = [glo_test_name];
      {Slogan} = [glo_test_slogan];
      {Description} = [glo_test_description];
      {MiniLogo} = [glo_test_logo];
      {ColorPrimary} = [glo_test_colorprimary];
      {ColorSecondary} = [glo_test_colorsecondary];
      {ColorText} = [glo_test_colortext];

      // edit mode - do NOT overwrite any fields



      You saved me having to make an additional form, etc. Now I feel good about showing this part of the interface in the morning! If you are ever in Tampa Florida, letr me know and I will buy you lunch

      This forum is a great help because of people like you,