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    I am trying to create a master detail form. Following the samples, every time I had to save the Master form first to assign an "ID", then the detail form will "initialize" to allow data to be added - linking to the "ID". However, if the ID is not the MAX number, after saving the master form, it will be redirected back to the original mode where I will loose my screen to add the records to the "detail" form.

    My plan is to create a button to "SAVE AND EDIT" the master so that after saving the new record, the form will stay put at EDIT mode. That way the detail form will always allow data to be inserted at anytime.

    I have created the button, but the funny thing is every time I click the button, it will save and jump to another screen with an "OK" button. Click on this "OK" button then it will bring me back to the form at "NEW" adding mode, which defeats the purpose!

    Help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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    You need to apply code to the button and sc_redir to what you need if you want to avoid the OK. I think you should consider a work-around. I.e. by using a popup screen to allow entering child data. That's what I do.
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