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  • Scriptcase Email Integration

    I have written a Windows application that interfaces with Outlook to attach both incoming and outgoing email to various tables in a shipping application. Beside sending email through Outlook it allows users to search the Outlook inbox and sent email and select email to attache to the current records.

    I'm pretty new to the Linux and PHP world so this may very well be a ignorant question. Would it be possible to create that sort of environment in a Scriptcase application? Excluding Outlook from the discussion. They are very enamored with Outlook so the email piece would need to be very robust, user friendly environment.

    An ideal solution would allow them to search company wide for email. This is a feature they do not have. In the current solution users can only search their own inbox and sent mail.

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    Besides privacy aspects, I think this cannot be done easily. If you would be able to do such a thing you need an IMap solution to that, and this solution should contain all accessrules of every employee to access the IMap emails. That can be done, but has nothing to do with SC, you need to use plain php to do it. BUT... the results can be stored into a database table and that's where SC comes in. So in one hand I think it is possible if you have IMap access and you can use SC for the web frontend. On the other hand, I don't know what possiblities Exchange server (outlook) has. Sending emails through standard php does not store the email in your send items so....
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      Hi Paul - I'm very new to SC but I am playing with email piping - Not sure if this would help in your particular instance or not, but here is a PHP tutorial that I found on the subject:

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      Kevin Barham


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        Thanks Promofinity !!


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          Wow! That is really cool. It's down the road a bit for me but that should work nicely to capture the incoming email.

          Thanks for the tip!


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            The video mentioned is no longer available on youtube. Does anyone have a copy of it or other example?


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              Betty, et al.:

              This is an interesting idea and I have not watched the video as it's no longer available, but....

              As of Exchange 2010 and onward there is a feature you should look into on the server side called "Transport Rules". The idea is that you can write a transport rule that resides on the server and does some very powerful things.

              Example: if email comes from [these addresses], copy email to [this mailbox].

              Another: if email header contains one of [these domains], copy the email to [this mailbox].

              Then on the scriptcase side as aducom mentioned, you have a plain code php application in scriptcase that contains pure php code checking the destination mailbox using IMAP, importing the attachments and email content into a database table, and permanently deleting the email from the mailbox side to keep the mailbox clean. You use a cron job on the production web server to run the php application once a [whatever].

              It's possible to do and actually I've been brainstorming it for awhile for an application we're developing, but I haven't gotten to it yet. However, I know the above is all possible because our (non-scriptcase) help desk ticket solution already does this with a mailbox.


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                Any progress on this?


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                  Hi Betty,

                  Try this software, commercial with minimal fee:


                  I tested it some time ago, but did not use it since my requirement is only capturing text (no attachment), I ended up creating my own POP3 retriever.