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I created the library files.where the files are stored

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  • I created the library files.where the files are stored

    Hi friends,

    I created the library files. Eg: util_fuction.php, common_function.php

    I changed some code in common_function.php file.. i deployed the whole files to server. The problem is where the common_function.php file stored in scriptcase folder. i cannot see the lirary files like util_function.php, common_function.php..

    Please help me...

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    I'm not sure, but I think that your libraries are embedded in your code where you have assigned them for use.
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      Yes, the libraries are embedded on every single application where you asigend, so if want to make a change on your common library you HAVE TO remake all the applications that use that common library because each application has a copy of that file.
      Best Regards
      Hiram BQ