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  • AJAX OnChange Problem


    Scriptcase version: 6.00.0039

    Im having a problem with the AJAX update of a select field. Ill try to explain my problem as best I can below

    I currently have a control form which contains two select fields. Select A contains data from Table A and Select B contains data from Table B. Once I have made a selection in Select A I would like to filter the results that appear in Select B using a field called max_bore, unfortunately max_bore does not appear in Select As drop down list. This is where my problem begins.

    I have created an AJAX OnChange event for Select A which updates the max_bore field (and many others) on the control form from Table A. I have then ticked the AJAX Processing box for Field A and selected it to reload Field B (Field B references max_bore in its WHERE statement). It would seem though that the reload (OnChange) event is happening before the Field A OnChange event (that updates the fields) meaning that my fields have not been updated and are therefore not available or are outdated when the Field B select statement is processed.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might get around this problem.