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How to create a simple chart

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  • How to create a simple chart


    I am new to SC but I think it should be very easy to create a simple chart application.
    I am tring to create such an application , I have read lot of sample pages, and watch vides but no chance I couldn done it.

    Even sample page tutorials very old and menus are different. Without good documentation how can we achive this thing.
    I have 10 years programming experience and even I facing problems using SC.

    I think SC needs more attention to documentation and help / videos.

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    Hello Ibrahim,

    have you tried this example?

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      Welcome to one of the limitations of ScriptCase!. As publicized you can make charts, but ONLY the result of an summary (aggregation) grid. If your want simply render a chart based on X and Y values is not possible. I've requested this to ScriptCase Team (Netmake) but without answer. I'm working on a solution (for my problem) but using PHP events and JQuery to replace one field with chart and integrate it as another element (field) in a form.


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        En realidad lo que necesito es que cuando selecciona un campo le sugiera el proximo, por ejemplo, Selecciona en el Campo Area: Administracion, le sugiera el valor nn+1, Selecciona en el Campo Area: Informatica, le sugiera el valor nn+1.
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