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change the background color of an image

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  • change the background color of an image

    How I can change the background color of an image, I found only for text fields.

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    The image is painted in a cell so it will go the same way I guess, but.... the image needs to be transparent. If not, then you cannot simply change (background) colors.
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      I've had good luck with .png images for this. I created a grid with a background image then use a transparent .png as a background on alternate rows of the display. The result was a semi-transparent grid row over a background image. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, the advanced editor that allowed me to do this seems to be broken right now. I have a bugs report in.
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        here is what i know how to change color of an image, but i am not sure whether this image programming sdk supports adjusting background color of an image. this is a good solution to change between RGB colors.