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[SOLVED] Applications don't work in external server due database connection

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  • [SOLVED] Applications don't work in external server due database connection

    Hello everybody,
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I'm testing SC to see if this fits what I need before buying it... so far in my local machine it looks good. I have been able to do several things and all work OK.

    Now, I need to test in the external server where my previous applications are built.
    I deployed the project and test it in the prod environment, I got an error about the database connection, I re-created it as the message said and it worked.
    I deployed with Typical if it helps...

    Then I uploaded the files in the server... by the way, I think is too much in a folder for a simple application, >50M

    When I try to access I got an error regarding the database connection
    The database connection was not found, contact the system administrator. Connection: conn_mysql

    I can't find the file where the string is saved, but I have read that the connection data is encrypted so I suppose it's not worth it keep looking for it.

    Can someone please give me an idea on what to do?
    I have in my local machine the same database, user and password that the data that is in the server...

    Thank you so much if someone can give me a hand on this.


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    within the application folder on your server is a folder named '_lib'. Set it's permissions temporarily to 777.
    Access it with "".
    You will be redirected to the environment configuration and asked to set a password.
    Afterwards you have to create/edit your connection parameters, which is self-explanatory.
    When done reset the permissions of the '_lib' folder.
    That's it.

    Hope that helps


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      Thank you so much for your answer. I did it but I got an error from my hosting due several attempts to connect and I got blocked.
      When I installed SC I tried to connect directly from my computer to the server and not sure why I couldn't.

      I need to wait for them so I can try again.

      Thank you again,


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        The problem on my hosting was solved, I did what you said and worked perfectly... just wanted to say thank you for your help.

        Best regards...