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  • Change Totals in Summary


    Is there any way to change totals in grid summary page?
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    Gökhan Sönmez

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    Change to what?
    Best regards: - Reinhard -

    I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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      I want to change the total values (last row) in the summary page depending on some situations.

      You can change sub totals and totals in a grid page with {sum_ ... } and {sum_groupby_ ...}. Also you can change sub totals in the summary but can not change totals in summary.
      Gökhan Sönmez


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        Hi Gökhan,
        Did you find a solution to this? I am also having some problems calculating the percentage. In the grid view I can calculate percentage using 'sum_' and 'sum_groupby_' but not sure how to do the same in summary page.


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          Unfortunately not.
          Gökhan Sönmez


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            summary totals cnt be changed

            I could not do it either

            I am trying to implement a weighted average also in Summary. but the end line in summary is not changng when I change the total variables in code. surprisingly t works fine in detail page but not wellin summary.

            below are the steps

            1.) I have 3 important fields in the query as follows
            ID - other fields - capacity - perofrmace

            2.) I make summary by grouping by ID
            I total and summarize : capacity and performance

            3.) I want to show in summary the % performance
            so I define a new field as PP .

            4.) in onRecord
            I use PP = performance/capacity * 100

            5.) I also total and summarize PP

            6.) in onGroupByAll
            {sum_quebra_PP} = {sum_quebra_performance} / {sum_quebra_capacity} * 100
            {sum_PP} = {sum_performance} / {sum_capacaity} * 100 (this is for changng the grand total line

            7.) In detail grid view
            subtotal for groupBy ID changes to correct perventages (instead of summing all, it displays the result of division on quebra)
            grand total view changes to correct number with the correccr %
            in summary view, the group totals for ID are correct because of the formula that we have written in step 6.)

            but unfortunately the grand total line in summary shows the total of all values in the field although it shows correct values in gird view

            8.) I have put the below line on onFooter, but no change
            {sum_PP} = {sum_performance} / {sum_capacaity} * 100 (this is for changng the grand total line

            maybe it can be a bug tı fix or another variable on grandtotal in summary page is being used or I a doing something wrong

            I will appreciate your help thank you...

            Albert Ozkohen

            Originally posted by beykoz View Post
            Unfortunately not.