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  • Creating Joomla/Drupal Apps

    I use jScriptcase Joomla extension for some time to integrate SC apps with Joomla. It works but it has lots of limitations. Especially that the developer makes very rare updates, and asking for new features is like 1 year or more wait. He also want users to pay for the support - while the extension has some bugs. I always hate the idea to pay for the support just to let the developer know about the bugs that he has to fix.


    I wonder if there is anybody who successfully converted working SC project into Joomla Application/Extension.
    I would like to learn how to do it (if possible), or perhaps hire someone to do this for me on a occasional basis.


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    I don't know much about Joomla as I wrote before. I made my extension to E107 but I think that the approach would be the same. Create an IFrame and remove the borders so that the application run's within a page. Starting the application in the IFrame allows you to send some parameters by the url. In the onapplicationinit you can extract them with $_GET superglobal. The other way around, you can access your joomla tables as any other table. I access my E107 tables the same way. A very simple form can be seen here:
    I modified the wrap plugin to allow data to be passed from E107 into my application.
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