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Starting sc application from cron

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  • Starting sc application from cron

    Hi everybody,

    That I want to do is starting a scriptcase application (i.e. blank application) from linux cron.

    I have configured already linux and, when calling a pure php module it's working fine.
    This pure php module just write a record into log table.

    I.e. when calling from cron -every half an hour - I execute /var/www/clients/btcomercial/web/cron/index.php or /var/www/clients/btcomercial/web/cron/cron.php
    being these pure php and it records a log into the database.

    Now, I generate a sc blank application just with log recording active.
    If I run this blank application in the explorer, a new record is inserted in log table.
    However, If I replace my pure php module with the sc application it seems it doesn't work as it do no record anything in the log table.

    Anyone has experience with sc and cron?

    Any help will be appreciated.


    Josť Miguel

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    Scriptcase is designed for webapplications requiring a form with fields. I guess that running that in a cron job where there's no panel to display upon is holding things back. But this has been discussed not so long ago and even options where mentioned. see
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    aducom software netherlands
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      We use any blank applications with cron; use wget to call your scriptcase page; if you dont want this to be a public page use ip address check