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Pls help!!! Ldap error!

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  • Pls help!!! Ldap error!

    Please Help! Please Help!! Please Help!!!

    I have setup an LDAP Server that is connected to my laptop via a LAN cable

    The LDAP Server works fine and i only setup user accounts

    On Security -> Configuration, LDAP details is as follows:

    Server: ldap://
    Version: 1.0
    DN: ou=people,dc=ogismapper,dc=com

    When I try the Test connection without any entry in Ldap Security -> Insert Data section, I get the message "Ldap server connection successful!"

    But when I enter the Valid LDAP user Login and password, I get this error message "Authentication error with the server. Make sure the username and password are correct."

    But I am using the correct username and password from LDAP server, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO to pass the "Test Connection" before moving on Next button?

    Hope someone can help out ?

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    I would say: first test your basic ldap, see if it works..
    See: or
    In fact we use our own ldap_connect routine as well and handle our security form there..


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      Yes ldap works only with authenticate only. But using LDAP Total control does not synchronise users setup on ldap server, except for the username and password of the ldap server only shows on the users table created by sc v7.

      Also, ldap does not filter out uid from the user DN from ldap server when login in application.

      Pls does anyone have the solution? Or is there an update that will make sc v7 simplify ldap connection?