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Using 'Contains' option and missing 'Please Wait' spinner animation

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  • Using 'Contains' option and missing 'Please Wait' spinner animation

    Just switched over from using PHPRunner for many years to ScriptCase. We really like Scriptcase! Everything now seems to run much faster using Scriptcase but with the exception of a Grid we created to Search/Query for any computer 'file names' within our 31 Million row MySQL MyISAM database view.

    When using the Query/Search pull down choices "'Equals" and "Starts with" the 'file name' Search/Query results are almost instantaneous. That is great but when choosing the choice 'Contains' as part of the file name search criteria our customers are receiving a temporary web browser 'white screen' of death for up to 30 minutes or until the MySQL query finishes much later. In the end sometimes their Internet browser 'white screen' of death just stays on their screen and no query results are produced by ScriptCase query to the customer. Other times after a long query the results will pop up correctly. There seems to be no consistency.

    Here is the question. Why isn't there a 'Please Wait' spinner loading GIF via Ajax or something so our users do not get frustrated or confused waiting on a never ending browser 'white screen' query/search using 'Contains'? I have seen it pop up on sorting and filtering after any other search has been performed but the initial search in a Grid does not appear to have a 'Please Wait' animation for the screen.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Are you using the innoDB engine? That one is generally fast for those kind of queries. Do remember to set an index on the field tho!


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      When using 'Contains' in Scriptcase it is actually using a 'Like' SQL statement (using the % before and after the particular word) thus you should use 'Full Text' Index searching capabilities in MyISAM to speed things up a bit even though INNODB did come out not too long ago with a possibility of Full Text searching but experts on line say its not as fast as MyISAM 'Full Text' searching.

      Still, Scriptcase needs to put a 'Please Wait' animation on the screen for initial searches that take a long time. The missing 'Please Wait' animation pops into your mind after the first minute of staring at a white empty browser screen while the database grinds through 31 million rows of data.