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I upgraded to SCv7.1 ... finally... and I used the Black Friday special

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  • I upgraded to SCv7.1 ... finally... and I used the Black Friday special

    Hi everyone,
    As a long time user of SC on and off since the days of the SCv5 -> v6 transition, I have finally upgraded to a SCv7.1 license!

    I had done another recent eval of 7.1 on my systems, and I felt like it was stable enough to transition to. I have some pretty massive v6 projects that I will phase over to v7.1 over time, but I have done enough to like the new features.

    I wanted to thank SC for doing the promotion for Black Friday! 30% off. It was a good marketing decision for SC, atleast for us USA customers. The Black Friday sales here are right after our Thanksgiving Holiday (always a Thursday each year), where usually it was everyone waiting at stores that were closed for Thanksgiving but would open at at midnight Friday morning. You probably have seen the YouTube videos of idiots fighting or stampeding and crushing customers... it does happen. That is why I almost never do any of that Black Friday sale stuff.

    So I was so pleasantly surprised to see SC send out the email!!!! It helped push me over the edge I hope you do it again next year... so I can keep up-to-date.

    BTW, after I bought the SC upgrade I also got an email from NewEgg. I had also been looking at getting a server to put behind my firewall dedicated to being a VPN server/SC development box (I have a old ML330 server limping along). Wow, I was able to get a great deal on a new Proliant N54L microserver ... $160 off including a rebate I will send in.

    All that and I never had to fight a crowd

    My SC development will be about 100% better once I set all this up.

    Happy Holidays!

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    Hi Jamie, welcome to the club ;-)
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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      Where do I get 7.1? The IDE invites me to get 7.1, which is what I thought I had licenced, yet Help > About says 7.01.0012....

      The GuiGuy
      ... from Down Under


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        THat version is the latest version. For some reason people say 7.1 but in reality it is 7.01.0012 (at this current moment).


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          Hi GuiGuy,
          rr is correct. SC has a good mechanism for keeping it up-to-date, so when you install any version of 7 it can be updated to the latest version.

          Thanks Albert! I had only one glitch when trying to get my SC7.1 project I did during my eval period a month ago... scared me at first that I could not get it back, but all good now. Forum helped me figure it out



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            I suggest to ALWAYS make a complete backup of your COMPLETE netmake dir before doing any update. That way if something fails you can simply go back if an update fails for some weird reason.