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Net Make - MOBILE APPS please!

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  • Net Make - MOBILE APPS please!

    Dear Net Make - can you share an update on what is going on towards mobile application templates ?

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    did I say it 2 years ago ?
    is this possible, there is still no progress ?


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      SC is Reponsive?


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        aka,you need to pay their support for them to response to you.


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          Originally posted by kakibox View Post
          aka,you need to pay their support for them to response to you.
          SC team don't talk in forums AFAIK. This is a community forum.
          It's not bad to pay for support. Prices of SC are not expensive. You can always contact to a reseller to see if there are some updated information.

          Otherwise, alvagar, next version coming on next months will be ready for mobile.

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            I disagree - it is bad to pay for the quality of support they offer. People in Support Dept. cannot speak English, and they are ignorant. If I'm a NM manager I would fire the whole Support Department, but perhaps they get what they pay for. For the last 3 years I only have had 1 issue successfully resolved thanks to support person. Everything else was YOU users (and Albert - super kind guy, who I recommend, because he has some extensive knowledge of SC). I would be happy to pay SC for support if the support is not for fixing bugs, and if the support helps me resolve programing issues which I cannot resolve myself.

            As far as mobile ? Are you stating you have a knowledge they coming up with some mobile features next month ? is that true ?



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              We didn't used support yet sorry, I can't speak about this, but I will contact with them sharing your concerns. But I would like to remember, thath support team, is not for custom code. It's for bugs an things related to sC not to solve own code errors.

              Next month no, but soon. Probably next version will be available before Summer.

              The Scriptcase version 8 aims to be one of the best existing BI tools in the market, and also transform it's solutions developed compatible and responsive with MOBILE environments.

              Some of the new features in version 8 are:

              Import MS ACCESS, Excel and CSV files into relational databases.
              ▪ Improved themes customization using CSS3.
              ▪ New chart selection interface.
              ▪ New tool to manage all the images used in Scriptcase.
              ▪ Modified interface that has a improved Menu distribution making the applications customization easier.
              ▪ New chart application that uses drag & drop features.
              ▪ Form generation compatible with mobile platforms.
              ▪ Improved filter in grid applications, fully dynamic and defined by the end user.
              ▪ Auto Complete feature in all fields on the filter automatically.
              ▪ Added a new feature for dynamic group bys defined by the end user.
              ▪ Modifications in the calendar application, such as printing, new themes and permission to drag the record.
              ▪ Group By and Pivot Table creation using drag & drop by the end user.
              ▪ Updated the Code editor used in the events.
              ▪ New "Selection Column" option independent of the selected columns in the grid.
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              Professional Scriptcase Services
              Some Customers opinions