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  • Version 7 Performance


    I am in the process of moving some of my applications over from Scriptcase 6 to Scriptcase 7 and seem to be having some issues with speed. I'm using SC7 version 7.01.0013 (latest).

    Firstly, I have noticed that form applications which use AJAX to update other fields on the same for take a long time to generate and the more AJAX enabled fields that you add the slower it gets. I have one form which takes 2/3 seconds to generate in Scriptcase 6, but which takes 40 seconds or more in Scriptcase 7.

    Secondly, the AJAX performance itself is very slow when executing code locally using XAMPP, to the point that forms are barely usable. I have had issues when using localhost in the past, but my SC7 installation is pointing to so this can't be the issue. Again my Scriptcase 6 installation runs very quickly on the same workstation as does any SC7 code that I upload to our web server.

    Does anybody have any suggestions regarding the above two issues?



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    I'm not sure. I did have those experiences but after the release of more compilers things went better. But sometimes it can be lightning fast while on other moments it's slow. I suspect that it has to do with the number of apache processes which are started on every request. Sometimes these are not cleaned up causing the memory to get drained etc. Restarting apache sometimes resolves the issue.
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      Here's an update on the speed issue that we are having...

      I have completely removed and reinstalled my Scriptcase 7 installation and also used a different port for the new install and I am still experiencing exactly the same behaviour described above. I have also today backed up my projects and tested on a colleagues machine, and he too experiences the slow code generation for AJAX forms and also the painfully slow execution of AJAX events on these forms.

      So, to reiterate, it would seem that the more AJAX enabled fields that you have on a form (I have one with twelve) the slower code generation becomes for that form; Also, AJAX execution is painfully slow when these forms are executed on my local machine. Interestingly, AJAX enabled code uploaded to the web seems to perform Ok, but still slower than Scriptcase 6.

      All the indications are that these two issues are bugs. Would it be possible for someone from Netmake to look into this for us as it is making development of these forms very time consuming for us and almost impossible!


      Mike Wilcock
      Systems Manager
      TSM Limited


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        Here's an update on the slow code generation issue...

        After further testing I have found that the issue is not down to AJAX, but rather select type fields which have SQL to populate their drop down list. This can be verified by performing the following steps...

        1) Create a control form.
        2) Create a select type field and set its lookup type to "Automatic".
        3) Add some SQL to populate the select list.
        4) Click run.

        Repeat the above and the form will get slower and slower the more select type fields that you add. Adding 10 select fields takes about 1 minute and 10 seconds to generate on my workstation.

        I am still investigating the slow AJAX performance.

        Could someone from Netmake please look into this issue and verify it as a bug?

        Thank you,



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            Hello Mike,

            I will investigate the issue with our bugs team.



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              Is there any further update on this please?



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                Are you running on a virtual server? Assuming you are running windows check out the memory use of your php dll's. For this you could use processexplorer (from the sysinternals suite).