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What am I doing wrong with Template and HTheme....

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  • What am I doing wrong with Template and HTheme....

    I am attempting to build my own theme. This is what I have done....

    Tools -> Layout -> Themes -> Save as (Scriptcase7_Green to MyTheme)

    Load a grid and...

    Layout -> Settings and change the theme to MyTheme and run the application and all is well. Header is Elegant2 and footer is Default.

    Back to Tools -> Layout -> Themes and I edit MyTheme's header and change it's background (bg) colour and save. The changed header bg colour immediately shows in the display to the right, great.

    Back to the grid and I run it and the new header bg colour shows, great.

    The header is too deep so I need to create a new header based on Elegant2 so...

    Tools -> Layout -> Templates -> View (elegant2) -> Save as -> (Header / Public) MyHeader

    Back to the grid and change the Header Template to MyHeader and run it....

    BANG my new header bg colour is gone!!!!!

    So after all that my question is....

    How do I get MyHeader to take the attributes of the MyTheme's header (just like Elegant2 did)?
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