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mobile menu showing security apps when it should not

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  • mobile menu showing security apps when it should not

    Hi everyone,
    Can someone please confirm this error for me? I am in the latest SCv7 and I make a system of apps and a main menu. I use security, so a user should only see apps they are authorized to see. This works fine when the main menu is a normal horizontal webbrowser menu. But it is not working the same way when viewed on a mobile device. I can be logged in as someone who does not have admin level, BUT I can see the menu items for synchronization and so on. When clicked, they will not load because the authorization is too low. However, I do not want them to show up for regular users.

    Unless I have done something stupid (always possible with me then this must be a bug that shows up when anyone views a menu app on a mobile device that triggers the vertical mobile friendly menu...

    Please let me know if you see this too.

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    I found this problem months ago
    see the post

    has been reported but I have NOT HAD A SOLUTION!!


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      Thanks... at least I know I am not doing something wrong. This is a pretty serious defect and I hope SC comes out with a fix ASAP. Your original posts were like 9 months ago!

      SC has to get really mobile friendly, or it just won't be a viable development platform for much longer. I mean, who wants to invest a ton of time developing a system that doesn't play well with phones and tablets? My current project has really got to work on mobile - so I have been doing CSS and changing every setting possible to make it look good. I was shocked when I noticed the administrator's security group apps showing up in the mobile version of my main menu. They don't activate the apps, BUT this means I have to do a special menu for admins that redirects, so the normal members don't see phantom menu items

      Thanks again marcov!


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        Jamie, in my apps this problem not occurs ... I'am disable in my start app the menu items which a user has no permissions and than i call the (mobile) menu. This works for me ...
        Best regards: - Reinhard -

        I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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          This happens when the menu switches to mobile version on an andriod device AND when you simply put the macro sc_menu_force_mobile(true); in the onApplicationInit of the menu app and view it on any PC browser. This is pretty serious.

          The other pain in the a$$ about it is that when you click on the phantom menu items, you get an 'Unauthorized user' message, but no way to get back. Even the browser back button just takes you to the same message!!!! Really really poor.

          SC, can you please acknowledge this as a known bug?


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            Hi Reinhard,
            How do you detect if you are mobilke or not to know to switch? Or are you always switching?


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              Hi Jamie,

              i have checked it again ... I'am not switch with sc_menu_force_mobile(true), but on IOS 7.x (iPhone 5S) the mobile menu is the default menu. And the disabled menu items are shown ... You / marcov are right, it's a bug ...
              Best regards: - Reinhard -

              I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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                Thanks for the followup up Reinhard. I hope they can fix this. They obviously have not fully incorporated the code to no show menu items based on group level security. A horrible defect IMHO, as it should be a fast fix.

                My work around will have to be to:
                1) copy the main menu as admin_menu
                2) detect if the usr_login who is logged in is in security group 1 (administration), if so redirect to admin_menu
                3) once that tests OK, will strip out the admin-only apps from the main menu.

                Talk about the development system getting in the way of developing