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Migrating SC6 to SC7 on different virtual machines

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  • Migrating SC6 to SC7 on different virtual machines

    Hi has anyone come across how to do the following ?

    I currently have Scriptcase 6 (SC6) installed on my XP Mode Virtual PC located on my laptop
    I also have a Scriptcase 7 (SC7) Professional upgrade licence for my SC6 but I have not activated it yet because I do not want my SC6 to expire or cease until I am sure the migration has completed ok and that my projects all work in SC7

    I want to migrate my SC6 projects to SC7 but leave my SC6 projects unchanged until I am sure that the SC7 has converted them properly and that they work correctly in a production environment

    I also have a SC7 license Enterprise licence installed on a Virtual machine located on a different physical server

    Question 1. how to I migrate my SC6 projects to a SC7 environment whilst keeping my SC6 license active so that I can support my current projects until I am sure my SC7 migrations have worked ?

    Question 2. Also how do I migrate SCv6 Professional installed on my XP Mode Virtual PC to my SCv7 Enterprise located on a Virtual machine located on a different physical server


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    Q1: install sc 7 on a machine, and just keep sc6. They run fine together. Then simply export your sc6 into sc7. Check whether it all runs fun. Then just add the key to make it legit. You should have enough days to convert and test.


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      Hi rr, thanks for your reply....
      I have already installed SC7 as a trial on the same machine as my SC6 and ran out of days to complete the testing , bug fixing, and re-writing. I installed SC7 as a trial as I wasn't sure what would happen to my SC6 license if I activated my SC7 with the upgrade code. I am glad that I did install SC7 as a trial as it did have a issues converting my projects and I still needed to develop/support my SC6 projects. So do I now risk applying my SC7 upgrade code so that its licensed and running ? but if I do this will my SC6 stop running on the same machine as its license has been upgraded to SC7 ?


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        You can run 6 and 7 together. So if you have it in sc7 you can add your new key into sc7..


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          Hi rr

          I'll give this a try and report back - many thanks

          Also if anyone can give some info on question 2 that would be greatly appreciated (I'm assuming its not possible at this stage - and if its not possible how do you then migrate projects on SC6 Professional on one physical machine to SC7 Enterprise on another ? the moment it seems that the only way is to download a trial version of SC& Professional onto the same machine as the SC6 Professional machine)


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            on question 2: well basically you can export all your projects one by one. Then basically you can import them again one by one. But you actually need to do that via the menu using tools -> converter v6 to v7.
            I personally suggest on your sc7 to FIRST make a small test project with application to try whether all the database connections you want and need are working. Then do the conversion.
            It is all pretty simple work that way.