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How do you do a clean compile?

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  • How do you do a clean compile?

    I'm talking about deleting any file, module, or anything else associated with the grid/form creation. I've got a bug that does not go away after making changes to
    a form. Its a basic form but had problems in an earlier version. Those problems still exist with a new form. I've deleted the internet cache and it's still there. I know from
    other languages I've worked with, I've manually deleted files to make sure that the compile is clean. Is there a way to do that in SC?

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    Try to redo your form by creating it under a different name. I've posted some issues before that when you delete a form, some old stuf remains in the database causing your new app with the same name to fail in a similar way. The only way to get rid of that is to use a different form name.
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