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Make a dependent drop down required only if populated

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  • Make a dependent drop down required only if populated

    I'm wanting to add/remove a requirement to a select field only if it's populated due to the option selected in another drop down menu. Hiding/showing won't do the trick. It needs to be required/not required based on whether there's anything there.

    The main select is Projects, dependent select is Categories. If the Project chosen produces a list of Categories, then I want the Category select to be required. If not, then it will NOT be required.

    Any ideas, anyone?

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    In the onvalidate event you can check if the data is selected properly. To populate categories depending on projects you need to go to the projects select field, scroll down to ajax events and select categories to be refreshed if the project changes.
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      10 months later....thanks, aducom! Actually, I was aware of this but had some other issues to work out. Then got distracted and finally came back to this. Worked it all out.