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  • send pdf after generation

    I have a grid appication that the initial module selected is pdf generation.
    within the OnScriptInit even I have the following code

    sc_set_pdf_name = "contract_notifications.pdf";

    I set this because I want the generated file to be the same every generation.

    I then use the sc_send_mail macro to email the pdf to a email address(s)

    If I run the application then if there is no file already in the directory (_lib/tmp)
    then it fails.
    If I comment out the send mail attachment and the file generates then the when I remove the comments
    it send the email, but it is always a generation behind.

    I tried putting a sleep(30) statement after the sc_set_pdf_name line to make it finish.

    All I am trying to figure out is how to send the pdf generated by the application..

    Kevin Driscoll