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Move items from a section to another one?

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  • Move items from a section to another one?

    I have items in a table (store) and i need to move some of them to another table (sale) by choosing an option from dropdown menu in my grid.
    for example i want to select some items in my (store) grid and chose (move to sale) so those items will disappeared from my (store) grid and form and show up in (sale) grid and form.
    same thing for example if i want to move amount of money from (debit) to (credit).
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    One approach might be to create a multiple select formgrid (the grid with checkboxes in front) and create a 'run' button. In that event you can add code for each selected record to copy it to the requested table. The run button contains the onrecord event, so don't look in the regular events. The following faq might be useful:
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