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  • MAP API's

    Trying to implement Google API but all the information about the KEYs etc is terribly outdated. The NetMake site examples refer to something that was probably valid few years ago.
    Has anybody up to date details how to implement GEOCODE API ?
    I tried the generated KEY but SC App says invalid key (when run). There is also a question how to implement it locally vs remotely. SC help mention http://localhost for API key setup but this is not enough or perhaps I'm not finding the information how to get it for localhost. It is really important that NetMake update their help file.
    In the meantime I hope somebody can share some details on how to do it.

    Thanks - ARTHUR

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    I know this isn't the scriptcase way (or blank app) but I do a lot in google api. But since the amount of requests is limited I put the code into the html and let the end-user do the calls. This way there are no limitations and you dont (!) need an api key. If you go to you will see a map and the generated code is in the javascript which you can see if you look at the source.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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      Albert - Thanks for replying
      I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. I know I can use map URL and have user simply post/save it in the database. The problem is that this would require extra task from the user to type in the full address, finding the address on G-Maps then pasting the link into the App (am I right?).
      I want the user to enter address data into the form and upon clicking APPLY (or something like that) the App will show the location. I do not care about Google hits limit (this would not be heavily loaded App).