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  • App Refference number

    I have a need to place an App reference number which will be visible on the screen. I have done something like that in the past when working with desktop projects.
    Another words I want each Application (or rather each screen if possible) has its unique number. I need this for testing purposes. When there is an error, typo etc. then the tester can quickly locate that number and refer it along with the error name, type etc. When developer reads this information it takes just a second to locate appropriate App in the running App. In my desktop program this was just showing on the Window Top Bar (next to the window name).
    In the browser I could have this some other place but the main idea is to be able to see it in the running Application as well as in the project (where the Apps are listed).

    I wonder if anybody has implemented something like that. This is super helpful in debugging, testing etc, and usually users do not mind to see it (as they also can use it when referring to certain screens in tutorials).
    I have a few ideas how to approach this, but I wonder , perhaps one already uses something like that and would be willing to share...


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    You can get the php file you are running and the dir it is runningin by using normal php functions and magic constants:

    With that you could fairly easy deduce which file is where. Hence if there is an error you could find it quickly enough.